While the Oriental Theatre remains closed, Milwaukee Film has created a way to keep you connected with the power of film.

Our Sofa Cinema platform connects you with the same high-quality independent films you'd enjoy at the Oriental Theatre. And just like the screenings at the theater, a portion of the profits from your streaming rental goes directly to Milwaukee Film.

We'll add new titles into the mix every Friday, so keep an eye out for more releases. Even if we're not together in person, Sofa Cinema lets us be together in film.

Prices are set by distributors and may vary. More details are in the FAQ below.





What is Sofa Cinema?

Milwaukee Film is partnering with film distributors to offer new theatrical releases to our audiences in a virtual cinema setting, with proceeds from each "ticket" purchased going to support our nonprofit! The Sofa Cinema portal collects these films in one easy place for our film fans to enjoy.

Why are the prices/formats all different?

Pricing and platforms are all set by the distributors, not by Milwaukee Film.

Do MKE Film Member discounts apply to Sofa Cinema?

Prices are set by the distributors, so we are not able to offer a Member discount on these titles. However, we are hard at work to connect Milwaukee Film Members with exclusive content, offers, and deals while the Oriental Theatre is closed.

I'm having trouble streaming a particular title. Can you help?

Beyond the standard "Have you tried turning it on and off again?", we can't be of much service, since all these films are offered outside of the Milwaukee Film website. However, please feel free to use the contacts link on each film's page in order to troubleshoot problems or contact the distributor.



Can I watch my movie on (insert streaming device here)?

With many of these platforms, you should be able to watch on the glowing screen of your choosing! Check out the support links on each indivdual film page to determine if you can stream on your preferred device.

Thank you for supporting Milwaukee Film!