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In addition to a full-service concession stand stocked with popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and other snacks, the Downer Theatre offers a full range of import and domestic beers, wines, and cocktails. Guests are welcome to enjoy bar beverages and other concessions in our auditoriums.


How do I know which screen is which in your listings?

What's showing at the Downer Theatre right now? Where can I get descriptions of the films?
Check out the Now Playing section on the homepage or the Coming Soon page to learn which films are currently showing and which will be arriving soon. Each film page contains a brief description of the film.

How early should I arrive for a typical showing?
We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to a film's start time so you have time to get your ticket, purchase concessions, find a seat, get comfy, and turn off your phone.

How will I know if a movie showtime is sold out?
Check the film's detail page. If a given showtime is sold out and tickets can no longer be purchased, the show time will be grayed out, and you will be unable to add tickets to your cart. 

Where should I park? How can I get to the theatre?
The theatre is located at 2585 N Downer Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211


  • Historic Milestone:
    • Established in 1915, the Downer Theatre stood as Milwaukee's oldest operating movie theater until its closure in September 2023.
  • Architectural Marvel and Modern Innovations:
    • Originally celebrated for its modern urban design and elegant Classical style, the Downer featured its own Weickhardt Pipe Organ and an in-house orchestra. It underwent a significant transformation in 1937 to the Streamline Modern style, showcasing its dedication to evolving cinematic experiences.
  • Preservation and Renovation:
    • Acquired by Landmark Theatre Corporation in 1990, the Downer Theatre was respectfully renovated to honor its storied past. Efforts included reapplication of gold leaf, repainting of the auditorium, and replication of the original 1915 lobby and auditorium carpeting.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance:
    • Built by notable developer Marc Brachman and cinema pioneers Thomas and John Saxe, the Downer Theatre was a landmark in Milwaukee's N. Downer Avenue Business district, recognized for its historical character even after 1930s facade updates. With an initial seating capacity for 940 patrons, the theater adapted over time to a twin-screen format accommodating 465 viewers, ensuring a blend of historical charm and modern cinema technology.