Code of Conduct

Milwaukee Film strives to be the change it wants to see in both the community and the industry at large. We are committed to providing a positive and open environment for all to collectively engage in meaningful and enjoyable cinematic experiences and, thus, are dedicated to ensuring our venues and event spaces are welcoming and safe for everyone who walks through our doors.

While we aim to encourage open discussion, debate, and dialogue among our patrons, Milwaukee Film does not tolerate discrimination, abuse, or harassment of any form. By entering any Milwaukee Film-operated venue, all parties voluntarily agree to our Code of Conduct. Milwaukee Film reserves the right to remove individuals breaching our Code of Conduct from the premises and bar them from future events without refund at our sole discretion.

Harassment includes but is not limited to: offensive comments related to ability, age, appearance, economic standing, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, national origin, race, religious/spiritual belief, sexual orientation, deliberate intimidation or use of threatening language, stalking, following, excessive or unwanted photography or recording, intentional disruption of programs, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

If you are experiencing any of the above behavior, notice that someone else is being targeted, or have any concerns, please alert a member of our staff immediately. We take all instances of unwanted behavior seriously and commit to taking any appropriate actions to ensure the well being of our patrons. Incidents can also be reported to Milwaukee Film at All submissions will be confidentially logged and investigated in a timely manner. Please note while all concerns are documented, contacting Milwaukee Film does not replace or constitute filing a formal complaint with law enforcement, and all emergencies should be reported to 911.