2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12



Director: Robin Berghaus

Film Summary

Spotlight Presentations | 1:12 | 2017 | USA | | View Website

Will Lautzenheiser thought he was on the verge of realizing his dreams, teaching film classes at Montana State University, when what he thought was an extreme pulled muscle suddenly escalated into something far more severe—a bacterial infection that forced doctors to amputate all of his limbs in order to save his life. Instead of letting this unimaginable setback defeat him, Will took his trauma head-on, performing stand-up comedy to cope with his new normal. But as Will begins to adjust to his new life with the help of his loving partner, Angel, news breaks of a risky, experimental double-arm transplant that offers him the hope of reclaiming his independence. A medical mystery tucked in a comedy nestled in a deeply moving personal portrait, STUMPED is a funny, character-driven exploration into cutting-edge medicine that happens to coincide with the story of a truly indomitable spirit.

Director Robin Berghaus
Executive Producer
Producer Robin Berghaus, Bryan W. Davies, Sam Kauffmann, Kevin McCarthy
Cinematographer Robin Berghaus
Editor Robin Berghaus, Renny McCauley

Film Sponsor

Rotary Club of Milwaukee

Community Partners

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UWM