Milwaukee Film's GenreQueer Program presents PRIDE MONTH 2024, one jam packed weekend of films that celebrate the past, present, and future of LGBTQIA+ cinema! 


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Problemista - 6/21/24 at 4PM and 6:30 PM

Female Trouble - 6/21/24 at 9 PM

Tongues Untied - 6/22/24 at 2:30 PM

Black Is... Black Ain't - 6/22/24 at 4 PM

Femme - 6/22/24 at 9:15 PM

The Watermelon Woman - 6/23/24 at 3 PM

Markie in Milwaukee (w/ filmmaker in attendance!) - 6/23/24 at 6 PM

  • Oriental Theatre

    Black Is... Black Ain't (Pride Weekend!)

    White Americans have always stereotyped African Americans. But the rigid definitions of "Blackness" ...

    Director: Marlon T. Riggs USA | 1995 |

  • Oriental Theatre

    Female Trouble (Pride Weekend!)

    A spoiled schoolgirl runs away from home, gets pregnant while hitch-hiking, and ends up as a fashion...

    Director: John Waters USA | 1974 |

  • Oriental Theatre

    Femme (Pride Weekend! Best of Fest!)

    With his performances as Aphrodite Banks, Jules (rising star Nathan Stewart-Jarret) stands among Lon...

    Director: Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping UK | 2023 |

  • Oriental Theatre

    Markie in Milwaukee (Filmmaker in Attendance! Pride Weekend!)

    A 7-foot-tall fundamentalist Baptist minister, Markie Wenzel made the decision at age 46 to come out...

    Director: Matt Kliegman USA | 2020 |

  • Oriental Theatre

    Problemista (Pride Weekend!)

    Alejandro is an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador, struggling to bring his unusual ideas to lif...

    Director: Julio Torres USA | 2024 |

  • Oriental Theatre

    The Watermelon Woman (Pride Weekend!)

    Cheryl Dunye made cinematic history with The Watermelon Woman, the first American feature to be dire...

    Director: Cheryl Dunye USA | 1996 |

  • Oriental Theatre

    Tongues Untied (Pride Weekend!)

    The seminal documentary on Black gay life, Emmy Award-winning director Marlon T. Riggs’ 1989 Tongues...

    Director: Marlon T. Riggs USA | 1989 |