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Top Ten Movies I Forced My Husband to Watch This Year That He Actually Liked

by Kerstin Larson, Programming Director

As you might assume, being married to me means you have to watch a lot of movies, be it work related or otherwise. And I like to think I have immaculate taste (I'm a Libra after all), but sometimes my husband and I will be watching a movie together, we'll laugh, gasp at plot twists, admire the cinematography, and then while I'm scrolling through Letterboxd before bed, I'll see that he gave it a measly three star rating, no heart. I feel confused, offended, betrayed. Why didn't he tell me he thought this movie was so-so? Does he have terrible taste? Not possible, he is also a Libra. So due to this common occurrence, I am always excited when we watch a movie together and he does in fact enjoy it. Because all of my opinions are right and I need everyone to agree with me <3 

1. Starting off strong with MAGIC MIKE XXL! A rare example of the sequel being better than the original, MAGIC MIKE XXL is a life-affirming road comedy that's worth watching even if you don't enjoy ogling handsome men. Anyone who is good also thinks this movie is good. Can't wait for LAST DANCE in 2023!

2. VELVET GOLDMINE was the only thing I watched while I had Covid that I actually enjoyed. My aches and pains and sniffles made every TV sitcom or romantic comedy seem obnoxious and irritating. Nothing is fun when you can't breathe through your nose. Except for the glorified fanfiction that is VELVET GOLDMINE! Absolutely stunning and bombastic imagery, cute boys wearing makeup, and drama with a capital D. Put Todd Haynes in the vaccine.

3. I have seen THE PHILADELPHIA STORY so many times, but this time around my main takeaway was that more movies should be about very respectable actors getting absolutely blackout on champagne.

4. And my main takeaway from A ROOM WITH A VIEW is that more British period pieces should feature full frontal male nudity!! Thank you very much!!!!

5. If your husband won't watch a stop-motion animated movie featuring Sisyphean shit shovelers (MAD GOD), then you should leave him.

6. During a particularly great work from home day, I watched six lesser known James Spader movies (I'm a completist) and the best one was WHITE PALACE by a landslide. James Spader and Susan Sarandon in a May-December romance should be motivation enough, but there is a scene where Spader caresses his face with a half eaten sandwich from the floor in the heat of passion and I will never recover.

7. MYSTERY TRAIN :) We watched ELVIS and were in an Elvis-y mood, so obviously we had to watch this indie ode to the King. And Carl Perkins.

8. If Marshall McLuhan invented Freddie Krueger, you'd have SHOCKER. A truly ridiculous movie, but I highly recommend for any Wes Craven superfans out there.

9. Watching a three hour Indian movie in theatres might be a hard sell for some, but I texted my friends saying it would be the best theatrical experience they would have all year and they bought those tickets in no time. If you haven't guessed, I'm talking about RRR and it is in fact the best theatrical experience I've had all year. Naatu Naatu!

10. Okay this list is actually a lie because I needed to share the worst three star rating my husband has ever put on Letterboxd, which was 2005 PRIDE & PREJUDICE.............THE HAND SCENE ALONE IS WORTH FIVE STARS UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH

Posted by: Tom Fuchs