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With the return of our Staff Picks programming at the Oriental Theatre, we're letting the pickers take the stage and let you know why they chose their particular film! First up in this series, Cinema Associate Jake!

What's your name?*

Jake Whalen

What's your job title at Milwaukee Film?

Cinema Associate

Where's your favorite place to sit in a movie theater?

Slightly to the right of the center of the theater in the 10th row

What's your favorite theater snack?


What's the first film you remember seeing in theaters?

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Do you have a most memorable theatergoing experience? (Bonus points for ones involving the OT!)

Watching Sara Sowell's Experimental film performance. It involved manipulating a 16mm materialist film print with found objects placed in front of the lens.

What movie did you pick?

Cleo 5 to 7

When did you first see said movie?

Last summer

In ten words or less, tell us why we HAVE to see this movie!

This film is a celebration of the death tarot card which doesn't neccessarily mean an end but change - good change - and hard change

Okay - expand on that - why did you make this your staff pick?

I loved the excitement of this film's production. The main character is trapped in her life but the way the camera and other characters weave around her is so playful and moving. I'm not convinced her doctors report is as bad as her neurotic thinking for one second.

Any parting words you'd like to impart?

Drink coffee, read a book, draw a picture.

Words to live by, Jake. Check out Cleo From 5 to 7 this Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Oriental Theatre! TICKETS ON SALE NOW

Posted by: Tom Fuchs