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While the cinema is dark and the Milwaukee Film staff is staying socially distant, we're sharing with you some of our favorite Milwaukee Film moments! First up, is our Membership Coordinator Akila, telling you to think globally, but watch locally!

It’s probably safe to say that if you are reading this you already have an immense love for Milwaukee Film, and look forward to it as much as we do. Remember how as summer is packing up and fall is rolling in, a growing excitement begins for another festival to round out the year? We certainly do.

Staff are watching and waiting for movies that only come around once a year, and while we excitedly bring you hundreds of films to choose from, I have to say my favorites are from right here in our Cream City. One thing Milwaukee is really great at is showing up for each other, especially when it comes to supporting the arts. I wouldn’t be writing you today if it weren’t true. Milwaukee Film is no exception. It’s evident with the growing amount of community partners that get involved each year, and with the audiences who make up the packed houses. And I am ever impressed with our membership base who truly have our back and are some of the first to sing the biggest praises.

The Milwaukee showcases are special because they are full of people that I see every day getting their chance to really show off their best work. And there’s a lot of it! These are your friends, students, teachers, and parents all flourishing as filmmakers, writers and actors, musicians, set designers, and cinematographers. Did you know they were so creative? Well they are, and when we get to premiere so much work from home it is beyond inspiring to see how it makes people come together and make new connections. (I’m looking at you Tate Bunker, recruiting me for The Field in 2015. Man what a blast! <3) Seriously do yourself a favor if you still haven’t had a chance to come and see what a Milwaukee Shorts program is like. The Youth Show will melt your heart and elevate you. The Milwaukee Show is so full we need two of them, and they come with mini Q&As to round them out. And similar to a local radio spotlight but magnified by ten, the Milwaukee Music Video Show gets a lot of charged love. Any of these events will surely remind you of why we love our Brew City to pieces, and how lucky we are to continually have an abundance of homebrewed work to share with you all. Cream City Cinema is a standout program and you won’t regret taking time to exploring it.


Akila Ingvoldstad
Membership Coordinator

Posted by: Tom Fuchs