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Every month, a bunch of new films and shows are uploaded to streaming services for you to binge watch until your eyes pop. But how to sort through such an overwhelming list? Much like Fantine in Les Misérables, we here at Milwaukee Film have streamed a stream in times gone by. Here's what's coming your way this June!




(June 10 via Hulu • Dir. Adam McKay • 2018)



If you are someone who loves Dick Cheney, hates Dick Cheney, or has no idea what Dick Cheney has ever done, you'll enjoy watching this film. With an interesting editing style that is unlike anything you've seen in larger Hollywood films, this film is not only thought provoking, but it also keeps you on your toes along the way. For those of you who typically veer away from political documentaries, this one is definitely unique. With Adam McKay as the writer and director (Anchorman (2004), Step Brothers (2008)), a look into the life and work of Cheney is sure to be entertaining to say the least.

– Mary, Shorts Programming Intern


(June 1 via Netflix • Dir. Sidney Lumet • 1976)


"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" If you've ever wanted scream out of your window at the world (or explore the frustrating world of news media), this film will speak to you!

- Kristopher, Membership Manager

The Handmaid's Tale Season 3

(June 5 via Hulu • Dirs. Varios • 2019)


- Emily, Communications and Press Manager


Vox Lux

(June 3 via Hulu • Dir. Brady Corbet • 2018)


Blink & you missed it at the Oriental Theatre last December -- actor-director Brady Corbet's second feature is a bizarre (by turns terrifying, mesmerizing, and exhilarating) rags to riches story of a shy young woman who survives a school shooting to become a Lady Gaga-esque pop star portrayed in the film's later acts by a terrifying, mesmerizing, and exhilarating Natalie Portman. For real. And the music is its own star -- with a sublime soundtrack by the late great Scott Walker and original other-worldy pop gems by Sia.

– Jessica, Development Director


Halloween III: Season of the Witch

(June 1 via HBO Now • Dir. Tommy Lee Wallace • 1981)


Oh, another Halloween movie, how boring, you might be thinking. But think again! Halloween III does not even feature Michael Myers; instead, it's the story of a dad trying to save the world on Halloween from... well, I don't want to spoil it. It was a bomb at the time, but this might be my favorite film in the series (no offense, John Carpenter) - it's strange and gross and totally nihilistic. You will have the Silver Shamrock jingle in your head all of October.

- Dana, Grants & Special Projects Coordinator

Next Stop Wonderland

(June 15 via Hulu • Dir. Brad Anderson • 1998)


Great alternative to the typical romantic comedy, filmed during a good run of charming American independent films in the 90s.

– Kristopher, Membership Manager

15:17 To Paris

(June 4 via HBO Now • Dir. Clint Eastwood •  2018)

Despised by pretty much everyone, even fellow die-hard Eastwood fans, this one is a dramatic leap in Eastwood’s signature style and is closer to late period Rossellini or 90s Kiarostami films. The performances by non-actors has a distinct neorealist feel and this one is Eastwood at his most philosophical, dealing with themes of purpose and wandering in a plane of existence that denies people simple meanings. Like much of late period Eastwood, his real-world (heinous) political beliefs are undermined by his depictions of American institutions like the church and the military, as inhuman machines that crush the individuals inside of them.

- Aster, GenreQueer Programmer

A Star is Born

(June 8 via HBO Now • Dir. Bradley Cooper • 2018)


Everybody please join me in my peer pressure campaign to get Kristopher to watch A Star is Born. Embrace melodrama!

- Kerstin, Cinema Programming Director

Desperately Seeking Susan

(June 30 via Amazon Prime  • Dir. Susan Seidelman • 1985)


The better known of the two films from Madonna's film oeuvre that are coming to Amazon this month, join me in reliving a sleepover classic with this screwball comedy!

-Cara, Education Director & Milwaukee Film Festival Director​


Jackass 3D

(June 4 via Hulu • Dir. Jeff Tremaine • 2010)


Replicate one of the most sublime screening experiences of my life - gather your friends and laugh til' you cry.

–Tom, Communication & Social Media Manager

Posted by: Tom Fuchs