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Every month, a bunch of new films and shows are uploaded to streaming services for you to binge watch until your eyes pop. But how to sort through such an overwhelming list? Much like Fantine in Les Misérables, we here at Milwaukee Film have streamed a stream in times gone by. Here's what's coming your way in December!


(December 1 via Hulu • Dir. Sean Baker • 2015)


Move over Die Hard, there's a new alternate christmas favorite in town - as a bonus note, it would sure be nice to see Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez in movies beyond this.

– Tom. Communications & Social Media Manager

The Lobster

(December 2 via Netflix • Dir. Yorgos Lathimos • 2015)


Pudgy Colin Farrell checks into a hotel searching for love, though, he is on the likely path of being turned into a crustacean. Clearly, a brilliant, not awkward at all date night movie. (PS check this out and then go see Yorgos' new film The Favourite at the Oriental Theatre later this month!)

– Emily, Communications & Press Manager


The Land Before Time

(December 1 via HBO NOW • Dir. Don Bluth • 1988)

Don Bluth should pay my therapy bills.

– Kerstin, Programming Manager


The Last Dragon

(December 1 via Netflix • Dir. Michael Shultz • 1985)

This movie is why the 80s were great. The young Bruce Leroy, who is obsessed with Bruce Lee and martial arts, searches for the special power called The Glow. My favorite song when I was 9 was El Debarge's "Rhythm of Night," which was in this film and effin' Golden Globe nominated. The 80s were so weird.

– Kristopher, Membership Manager 


Disctrict 9

(December 4 via Netflix• Dir. Neill Blomkamp​ • 2009)

Chappie director Neill Blomkamp's feature debut. Top Tier modern sci-fi.

- Crystal, Theatre Manager

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

(December 7 via Netflix • Dir. Andy Serkis • 2018)

Because there is no such thing as too many remakes of The Jungle Book. And the director played Klaw in Black Panther!

– Niña , Public Ally


Fistful of Dollars

(December 1 via Amazon Prime • Dir. Sergio Leone • 1964)

Before Clint Eastwood wore his pants super high or problematically talked to empty chairs and pretended they were the POTUS... He was in the best western series of all time. The first film in Sergio Leone's Man with No Name trilogy is a stylistic masterpiece of its genre.

-Kristopher, Membership Manager


(December 14 via Netflix  • Dir.  Alfonso Cuarón  • 2018)

Everytime I say I’m ready to quit, Netflix goes and acquires something incredible to pull me back in… If this one isn’t already on your radar, it should be! Director Alfonso Cuarón’s (Children of Men, Y Tu Mamá También) latest is already picking up awards season buzz as a best picture/director contender. And while I’d absolutely love to catch this film on the big screen, it feels like an early Christmas present to have it delivered straight to my TV while the year’s first snow settles outside.

-Justin, Guest and Alumni Relations Manager



(December 27 via Amazon Prime • Dir. Ari Aster • 2018)

After all of the holiday merriment is over and your family time is starting to become a little grating, gather all your loved ones around the fire (in my vision, your TV/screen is above the fire) and enjoy the feel-good family story of the year!

–Tom, Communications & Social Media Manager



Killing Eve

(December 1 via Hulu • Developed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge • 2018)

Sandra Oh finally gets to shine as the goddess that she is, and she gets to do it while chasing down/falling for an equally badass female assassin. If you liked Gillian Anderson in The Killing, but you wanted it to be smarter, sassier, and sexier, this is the show for you.

-Molly, MFA Programs Manager


Land of the Dead

(December 1 via Netflix • Dir. George Romero • 2005)


Apropos of nothing, I find myself thinking of the zombies who are easily distracted by fireworks frequently these days.

- Tom, Communications & Social Media Manager




Eating Animals

(December 29 via Hulu • Dir. Christopher Quinn • 2018)


To eat animals or not eat animals; that's the topic of Jonathan Safran Foer's 2009 book and the new documentary expanding upon it. I haven't eaten meat since October 2009 - no coincidence. Here's to hoping that this documentary is as enlightening to audiences as the book was to me. And that we can continue to encourage the growth and consumption of - and access for all to - healthy plant-based whole foods in our fast-paced world.

– Human Unknown...Mike Zuri??

Posted by: Joe Barden