The Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance (MFA) is a membership-based organization that seeks to drive economic growth in the region through advocacy, professional development (seminars, workshops, panels), and financial support of and for Milwaukee filmmakers and media professionals of all experience levels. Membership in this vibrant group includes screenings, networking opportunities, discussions, and other film-adjacent events to help strengthen the local network of creative professionals and forge connections with the larger Milwaukee creative community.

One of MFA's very first directives was to commission an economic study of the local film industry. Check out the full report or download a summary of the results.


MFA Membership Levels

The MFA seeks to help filmmakers of all experience levels—from bright-eyed film students to seasoned professional videographers—to share in the same opportunities to learn, grow, create, and elevate their art. MFA membership connects you to our local filmmaking community and supports the nonprofit Milwaukee Film.