Hearing Impaired (HI)

For those with hearing impairment, we will be offering HI devices. These will work for all films at the Festival. These devices allow for the user to hear the Left, Center and Right channel more clearly. We offer multiple devices for users to access HI devices. At the Oriental Theatre, we use hearing loops to transmit HI audio tracks which can be received by users with T-Coil devices (such as certain hearing aids) or with devices we supply in house that can be listened to via a headset. At all other venues, we supply Fidelio devices and headsets which staff will program to receive the HI track transmitted from our projection equipment.


Closed Captioning (CCAP)

We will be offering closed captioning whenever a filmmaker/distributor has provided closed captions. When closed captions are provided, the dialogue and audio of the film will be represented on text displays for individual users to read during the film. The devices we offer for accessing closed captioning tracks are called Captiview. These are small displays that can be mounted by the user either in a cup holder or on a seat rest and positioned so that the captions can be read while watching the film. Staff will need to program these devices for each film, and it should be noted that Closed Captions will only be available for the featured content (e.g. not on trailers). Attendees should inquire with box office staff if a film will be offering closed captioning.

Open Captions (OCAP)

We will be offering open caption for two films: ALL YOU HEAR IS NOISE and THELMA. For these screenings, the captions will be on the screen for everyone to see and no devices will be necessary.

Visual Impaired (VI)

For those with visual impairments, we will be providing devices for VI tracks whenever they have been provided by the filmmaker or distributor. These audio tracks a narrated description of what is happening on the screen. These audio tracks are delivered to the user via a Fidelio receiver and headset which staff will program to receive the appropriate audio track. Attendees should inquire with box office staff if a film will be offering VI.