The Milwaukee Music Video Show

    If these shorts are too loud, you're too old. Our annual showcase features a who's who of the local music scene (WebsterX, Ishdarr, Marielle Allschwang, Fatty Acids, and many more), running the gamut of musical genres while also showing us the exquisite diversity allowed by the music video format, a series of short, sonic bursts of creative excitement.

    Films in this program are: WebsterX 'Blue Streak', Ragani 'Peace Prayer (Seeing All The World As Divine)', Sat. Nite Duets 'St. Yuppie', Soul Low 'Amputee', The Fatty Acids 'Digested', Uncle Larry 'Cosmic Sugar', Hot Coffin 'Whistle, Hawk & Spit', IshDARR 'Locals', Jacob Banks 'Unholy War', Jim White & Paul Fonfara 'The Saga Of The Whittled Hodag', Joe Quinto & Miguel Diaz 'Black Magic', The Kingdom Of Mudnscum 'Genie Gypsy Woman', The Listening Party 'Bones', Marielle Allschwang 'Aquarium', NO/NO 'Television', Direct Hit! 'Snickers Or Reese's'

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