Director: Ryan Sarnowski

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  • Saturday September 30
    Oriental Theatre Screen 1 1:45 pm

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  • Tuesday October 3
    Times Cinema 6:30 pm

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  • Thursday October 12
    Oriental Theatre Screen 2 1:00 pm

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Anyone driving on I-94 in years past couldn't help but notice the barn with "Study Natural Law" plastered on its side and wonder what it meant. The riveting Manlife shows us truth is stranger than fiction. The barn speaks of the life's work of Alfred Lawson: baseball player, inventor of the airliner, and creator of an economic/spiritual/philosophical movement known as Lawsonomy. But equally fascinating is the story of the man who has singlehandedly kept Lawsonomy alive for decades: Merle Hayden, Lawson's last crusader and a man apart in the modern world.

Director Ryan Sarnowski

Cast Merle Hayden, Betty Kasch, Jim Newman, E.T. Varney

Producer Terry Caddell, Susan Kerns

Cinematographer Peter Krajewsi, Jimmy Michaels

Editor Jessamy Meyer

Community Partners

Wisconsin Historical Society, Safe Harbor Computers, Milwaukee County Historical Society

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