All in-person screenings take place at the Oriental Theatre unless otherwise noted.

$12 .. Cinema Screening, General Public
$10 .. Cinema Screening, Senior
$9 .... Cinema Screening, Milwaukee Film Member
$6 .. Cinema Screening, Child (12 & Under)


Oct 5 - 7

  • OCT 5

    The League

    The Negro League was a stage for some of the world's best athletes and an economic and social pillar...

    Director: Sam Pollard United States | 2023 |

  • OCT 6

    Every Body

    From Academy Award-nominee Julie Cohen (RBG) comes EVERY BODY, a timely interrogation of our country...

    Director: Julie Cohen United States | 2023 |

  • OCT 6

    The Space Race

    MFF alum Lisa Cortés (LITTLE RICHARD) joins forces with Diego Hurtado de Mendoza for this powerful a...

    Director: Lisa Cortés, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza United States | 2023 |

  • OCT 7


    Donya works for a Chinese fortune cookie factory in San Francisco. As a former Afghan translator for...

    Director: Babak Jalali United States | 2022 |

  • OCT 7


    Go behind the scenes of Alicia Keys' "She is The Music" songwriting camp with filmmaker Beth Aala in...

    Director: Beth Aala United States | 2023 |

  • OCT 7

    Rotting in the Sun

    When ROTTING IN THE SUN premiered at Sundance, rumors swirled that the mystery-comedy's nude beach s...

    Director: Sebastián Silva United States | 2022 |

Oct 8 - 12

  • OCT 8

    Golden Delicious

    When basketball-obsessed Aleks moves in across his street, Asian-Canadian teen Jake finds himself ru...

    Director: Jason Karman Canada | 2022 |

  • OCT 8

    Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project

    As one of America's greatest living artists and social commentators, Nikki Giovanni's influence is r...

    Director: Joe Brewster, Michèle Stephenson United States | 2022 |

  • OCT 9

    Fancy Dance

    Since her sister's disappearance, Jax (Lily Gladstone) has cared for her niece Roki by scraping by o...

    Director: Erica Tremblay United States | 2022 |

  • OCT 10

    Coldwater Kitchen

    For 30 years, soft-spoken chef Jimmy Lee Hill has run a highly regarded culinary training program ou...

    Director: Brian Kaufman, Mark Kurlyandchik United States | 2022 |

  • OCT 11

    Lady Buds

    LADY BUDS tells the story of six women navigating the industrial age of cannabis in California after...

    Director: Chris J. Russo United States | 2021 |

  • OCT 12


    An exciting, fresh, and timely look at coming-of-age in a small Texas town. Co-directors Silvia Del ...

    Director: Silvia Del Carmen Castaños, Estefanía “Beba” Contreras United States | 2023 |

  • OCT 8 - Shorts Program

    Kids Shorts: Stay Gold

    From an Iranian boy who befriends an older woman in Tokyo to a glittery and gritty fairy godmother i...

About the Film Shorts


    Tank Fairy

    In Taiwan, "song wa si de" are workers who routinely supply gas tanks to street vendors...

    Director: Eric Rettstadt


    The Old Young Crow

    An Iranian boy befriends an old Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo.

    Director: Liam LoPinto United States | 2023 |


    First Down

    A gripping short documentary that profiles an underdog team in America’s first all-girls tackle foot...

    Director: Carrie Stett United States | 2021 |


    Eid Mubarak

    It’s a beautiful candy-colored world, but nothing could be further from Pakistani girl’s mind as she...

    Director: Mahnoor Euceph United States | 2022 |


    I Scream, You Scream

    An ice cream man sets out to create a banger of a beat the world has ever seen in an attempt to reki...

    Director: Ashley Brandon United States | 2021 |



    Chloe has bottled up her feelings along with the sounds that remind her of her beloved grandfather u...

    Director: Gabriela Badillo Mexico | 2021 |



    Ten-year-old Fynn learns that being cool isn’t about finding the perfect spot to hang in the neighbo...

    Director: Wouter Keijzer Netherlands | 2022 |