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This film is part of Shorts: Stories We Tell

Inspired by the Edward Gorey classic, this black-comedy for kids and parents alike is a hilarious and brutal alphabet of death and mayhem exacted upon animals by ignorant humans. 30 CGI animals were meticulously crafted and killed by a team of 44 students at Media Design School.

Filmed in the heart of Limpopo, South Africa the village grannies “Vhakegula Vhakegula” lace up their soccer boots and start kicking their way through centuries of taboos. They play serious soccer then break into laughter and traditional song as they wage a singular fight for a decent life, true health, and a chance at joy in a brutal world.

This film is part of Shorts: Date Night

Following his girlfriend breaking up with him, Yotam now needs to take responsibility and find new tenants for the apartment that he and his loved one used to share not long ago. He discovers this isn't an easy task.

This film is part of Shorts: Date Night

Apolo81 walks into an apparently normal bar. He throws the dice and chooses his rival: Caperucita_Love, legendary and dreaded in equal measure. So a game begins in which both players have their cards and the setting is the board. Caperucita, a top-level expert player, looks bound to win. Love is the name of the game and Apolo81 is going to stake everything on one card. Beating his opponent means winning her over. Will he manage it?

This film is part of Shorts: Let's Get Animated

Arrival tells the journey of how one young boy's personal discovery affects the long-distance relationship he keeps with his mother.

This film is part of Shorts: Let's Get Animated

Being a bald man sucks. Knowing you'll become one is worse.

This film is part of Shorts: Surprise, Surprise!

A Veterans For Peace UK Film challenging the British Army's policy of recruiting 16-year-olds into the most dangerous army jobs.

This film is part of Shorts: Out of This World

A dark cloud creeps over Berlin. While all citizens go about their absurd every-day-activities, Kore is haunted by a black shadow - a menacing memory from the past. While it takes every effort to keep her fear in check, a fully-grown bear escapes from its cage and the whole city is in panic. All of a sudden, there is no way out: Kore needs to face her most grueling fear.

This film is part of Shorts: Stories We Tell

Benjamin and Maya share a life and an apartment in the center of Oslo. On the occasion of Benjamin's 26th birthday, Tobias, Benjamin's younger and more successful brother, comes to visit for the weekend. During a late night dinner party with friends, Maya tells a story about a sexual experience she had in Brazil. As a consequence, Benjamin's insecurities and vulnerabilities begin to surface.

When a stockbroker hires a tough builder to renovate the wine cellar underneath his country house, the two men fall out with chilling consequences. A tense thriller about wealth, wine and the art of bricklaying, Bricks updates Edgar Allan Poe's classic revenge tale 'The Cask of Amontillado.'

This film is part of Shorts: Surprise, Surprise!

An uncooperative ex, an argumentative landlord, and a broken front door, Linda's life is just peachy. Her daughter Shelley escapes their dreary reality through a fascination with Native Americans, but subconsciously assumes Linda's anger.

A girl wakes to find she resting at the apex of a smooth, curved surface high above a pitch-black abyss. With no toe hold or crevasse she must rely on the friction of her palms to climb the Curve and cover the few feet back to safety without losing purchase and falling to her death. Beneath her, strange sounds emanate up from the darkness...

This film is part of Shorts: Date Night

A line dynamically dances to a classic burlesque song while manipulating a small object.

This film is part of Shorts: Stories We Tell

The Dean Scream tells the story of 2004 U.S. presidential candidate Howard Dean and his fateful 'I Have a Scream' speech, which became the first viral moment in American politics. The film is an examination of the media and it's role in election politics. It serves as a case study of how the media can inadvertently sabotage or advance a political campaign, potentially altering the results of an election by their relentless pursuit of stories that will keep audiences tuned-in rather than informed.

Brett Gelman throws a surprise anniversary dinner and show for his parents. The evening descends into a surreal comedic orgy of family dysfunctional and psychological torture.

This film is part of Shorts: Date Night

Oliver (19) has just come out of the closet and is struggling with the feeling that he has to change who he is to fit in with other gays, when his gay uncle Jeffrey takes him to dinner and tries to teach him about the 'gay lifestyle'.

This film is part of Shorts: Stranger Than Fiction

This documentary follows an artist who strives for maximum realism in her creation of newborn-baby dolls.

A nocturnal education film, designed to help children develop their emotions and expressions as well as language and physical skills by enjoying singing and exercising with a big brother.

Mired in a concussed haze, an ex-NFL linebacker struggles to adjust to life off the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

Samantha has taken a selfie of her face and posted it on Instagram, but it has been censored and deleted for alleged 'sexual content'. Samantha did not choose to be born this way. Samantha is sick and tired of people's laughs.

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