Liv Burks

My name is LIV and I am a black artist raised in Milwaukee, WI. Through my art I like to explore emotions through a black lens. My goal is to bring the beauty of vulnerability to blackness. The stigma of bottled emotions and fear to be vulnerable does not live in my art, I see a free flow of emotional expression along with bright colors, abstract faces and fun shapes. A safe place for emotions is found in my art, and the greater goal is for my art to start conversation around how vulnerability is viewed in my community.


“What color and vibrancy my blackness holds. This artwork serves as a celebration of blackness, highlighting the multifaceted nature of identity and the joy that comes from embracing one's heritage. The use of lively colors and fun shapes evokes a sense of energy symbolizing the resilience and strength of black individuals and communities.” 

“I love to paint blackness in an abstract way so the viewer is able to find their own story, their own inspiration and their beauty in blackness.  There is a celebration within us.  Happy Black History Month.”

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