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New year, new venue - we're very excited to announce* the addition of an pop-up theater venue for our 10th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival! Working in collaboration with UWM Peck School of the Arts, the newly renovated Jan Serr Studio, located on the top floor of the Kenilworth Square East building (right across the street from the mothership, The Oriental Theatre), will be transformed into a fully functional, festival-quality cinema.


Christened the Jan Serr Studio Cinema (or JSSC if you are interested in the whole brevity thing), this venue will feature professionally installed and calibrated sound and picture, repurposing the 4,300 square foot event space with stadium seating for up to 200 people. Light concessions will also be available on site.


We'll also be utilizing all three screens at the Oriental Theatre for the first time in the festival’s history - meaning our biggest and best festival yet with have one additional screen to contain all of the great local, national, and international cinema we're bringing to you. Returning venues include the Oriental Theatre on the East Side, Times Cinema in Washington Heights, Avalon Theater in Bay View, and the Fox-Bay Cinema Grill in Whitefish Bay.


*Eagle-eyed visitors to our site will note that our venues page let you in on this secret alongside this scintillating artist's rendering of the JSSC: kenilworth-venue.jpg

Posted by: Tom Fuchs