A huge THANK YOU to our members & philanthropic partners who have gone above and beyond in support of Milwaukee Film's mission:

LUMINARY ($100,000+)


Donna and Donald Baumgartner

Herzfeld Foundation

Marianne and Sheldon Lubar

Cory and Michelle Nettles

Susan and Robert Mikulay

Allan H. (Bud) & Suzanne L. Selig

VISIONARY ($50,000+)


Argosy Foundation

Bader Philanthropies, Inc

Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Heil Family Foundation

Lacey Sadoff Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

David and Julia Uihlein

Laurie and Byron Vielehr

The Yabuki Family Foundation

INNOVATOR ($20,000+)


Brico Fund

Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Mary L. Nohl Fund 

Herb Kohl Philanthropies

Joan Lubar and John Crouch

Madeleine and David Lubar

Susan A. Lubar

We Energies Foundation

LEGEND ($10,000+)


Ken Krei

Tracy Luber and Gil Southwell

Wisconsin Arts Board

Zilber Family Foundation

ICON ($5,000+)


Linda and Dan Bader

Mark Blumenberg and Beth Jaworski

Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation

Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation

Jean and John DiMotto

Jennifer and Tom Florsheim

Ralph Evinrude Foundation

Kristin and Alexander P. Fraser

Tim Hoelter

Ben Jackson

Patti Keating Kahn and Chuck Kahn

Mary Ann and Charles LaBahn

Lauren and Alex Lasry

Marge and Steve Laughlin

Milwaukee Arts Board

Cheryl and Blake Moret

Kate and Ken Muth

Gene & Ruth Posner Foundation

Sadoff Family Foundation

Stephen and Susan Ragatz

Dave Stamm

Bert L. & Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust

Victoria Teerlink and Jeff Drope

Shannon and John Utz

Ruthie and Kyle Weatherly

MOVIE MOGUL ($2,000+)


Josh Adams and Sandi Anderson Adams

Michael Baran and Lisa Fohey

Natalie Beckwith

Joan and Fred Brengel Family Foundation, Inc.

Ericka and Mike Burzynski

Cedar Street Charitable Foundation

Caralyn Court

Kelly and Jeff Fitzsimmons

The Gardner Foundation

Eileen Gorman

Lisa Groskopf-Gleason

Matthew Helmerich and Jeffrey Harwell

Amy and Peter Hellman

Sara and Jonathan Jackson

Maja Jurisic and Don Fraker

Deborah Kern

Carrie and Grant Killoran

Tracey and Rick Klein

Christina and Michael Koss Jr.

Christie and Bill Krugler

Heidi Evita Moore

Jeff Kurz and Jim Mortell

Emilia and Chris Layden

Danielle Mantyh and Jude Kizenkavich

Joviann and Steve Mech

Daniel and Susie Minahan 

Anne and Christopher Noyes

Peck Foundation, Milwaukee LTD

Christine Prevetti

Sarah and Joseph A. Rock

Jan Serr and John Shannon

Leonard Sobczak and Dave Pionke

Mark and Wanda Staples

Cynthia and James Stoll

Aliza and Nick Werner

Maxine Wishner



Linda and Barry Allen

Joan Aguado Ware and Bruce Ware

Carmen Aguilar and Russell Cuhel

Tracy Anello

Peggy Ann and Justin Vannieuwenhoven

Mary and Tom Avery

Brittany and John P. Bania

Gavin Batker and John Stropes

James Bryce Jr. and Amy Williams

Dara Chappie and Robert Stockinger

Brian and Rita Clark

Sarah and Daniel Cohen

Catherine and Mario Costantini

Bill Curley

Amy Daniels

Michael Drescher

Taylor Dutmer

Mark Filla

Robb and MP Fischer

Joshua and Julia Gimbel

Peter Goldberg

Jill Griffee Ross

Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath

Jill Haas

Carmen Habermen

Betsy Holmes and Victor Thomas

Ralph Horner

Anne Hamilton and Fred Geilfuss

Leslie Hayes

Bob and Jenny Hillis

Julia Ihlenfeldt

Robert Koebert and Dona Hutson

Adel and Bishara Korkor

Sue and Tony Krausen

Margaret and Andrew Krei

Amy and Michael Lovell

Sue and Mark Lyday

Lisa and Steve Lyons

Deborah McKeithan-Gebhardt and John Gebhardt

Mark Mone and Sara Swanson

Zak Nelsen

Jess and Sheldon Oppermann

Carson and Madison Oren

Suzanne Osetek

Debra Paschke and Joanne Williams

Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust

Thomas Quadracci

Catherine Reeves

Mark Reisman

David Roberts and Gary Kampe

Chuck Rozewicz and Maureen Fitzgerald

Janet and Gregory Schmeling

Kim Smith

Jane Somers and Richard Cayo

Lynn Sprangers and Mike Gousha

Eric Steele and Kathryn Bach

Richard Stone

Julia Taylor and Stig Ostling

Gloria Tracy and Susan Trubiano

Connie Tresch

Marilka Vélez and David Muehlbauer

Ellen and Bob Venable

Bernadette Vitola and Tom Kim

Lee Weeks

David Wiener and Jessica Swearingen

BAADASSSSS ($1,000+)

Deborah Blanks

Danielle and Ramel Bly

Cecilia Gilbert

Cecelia Gore and Randy Bryant

Matthew Helmerich and Jeffrey Harwell

Janan and Waleed Najeeb

Angela Pinta and Kelly Cushion

Jerry Roberts and Shannon Reed