On-Site Workshops

Milwaukee Film's On-Site Workshops teach students to critically view media as they create Public Service Announcements (PSAs) or music videos, and learn how such videos are made.

In 2012, Milwaukee Film’s education program launched a workshop series to engage youth interested in filmmaking. Workshops teach students to critically view media as they create Public Service Announcements (PSAs) or music videos, and learn how such videos are made.

PSA video workshops arose from a partnership with Arts@Large with a private screening of the film Bully during MFF 2012; videos created were showcased during a 2013 Gallery Night.

Music video workshops started with radio personalities from WMSE 91.7FM and 88.9 RadioMilwaukee suggesting Milwaukee bands. Students then collaborated with local filmmakers through every step of the process: from selecting songs to completed videos. To date, students have created videos for Vic + Gab, Kane Place Record Club, Klassik, The Sugar Stems, The Delphines, Fresh Cut Collective, and RAS Movement featuring Naima Adedapo.

Find these PSA and music videos at

If you're interested in finding out more about our On-Site Workshops, please email Cara Ogburn, our Education Manager at

Special thanks to the generous supporters who made our 2012-13 On-Site Workshops possible: The Herzfeld Foundation, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Mary L. Nohl Fund, the Milwaukee Public Schools Partnership for the Arts and Humanities program, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres.

Education Screenings


Have you ever considered taking your students on a field trip to the movies? Milwaukee Film’s education screenings are a great way to expose students to different cultures and inspire their imaginations!

Presented by the Brewers Community Foundation
Thanks to the Herzfeld Foundation and the Gerda A. Debelak Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Do you want to take your students on a field trip to the movies? Movies that raise the bar for Milwaukee youth multicultural programming? Join us for the Milwaukee Film Festival Education Screenings—a collection of inspiring, beautiful, and thoughtful films that use the power of cinema to engage your students while reinforcing intellectual ideas.

Education screenings incorporate curriculum for areas such as:

  • Language Arts: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Social Science: Global Cultures, Heritage, and Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Fine Arts: Media Literacy, Filmmaking, and Animation
  • Foreign Languages: Communication, Culture, and Geography

Education screenings take place at the Landmark Oriental Theatre and include post-screening discussions with filmmakers or media educators. We offer screenings for the following grade ranges: 1-3, 4-6, 6-8 and 9-12. Participating teachers receive film-related curriculum packets, which include the Wisconsin Common Core standards that screenings and activities meet. 

Education Screening dates for the 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival have yet to be announced. Please check back later in the year.

Contact Cara Ogburn , Milwaukee Film Education Manager: or (414) 755-1965, x203

Education Screening films from the 2013 Milwaukee Film Festival:

260 Shorts Program
(grades 1 - 3)
We will be screening a program of short films that consider the handling of various kinds of conflict and difference. (Note: All films will be in English or not contain dialogue.)

256 Zarafa
(grades 4 - 6)
An animated film depicting friendship and a dangerous journey from the Sudan to Paris.
(Note: Will be presented in French with English subtitles. Some historical elements that may scare sensitive viewers, including child slavery and animal poaching.)

261 Maidentrip
(grades 6-8)
An inspiring documentary about Laura Dekker, the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world 
(Note: Laura occasionally uses adult language.)

262 Valentine Road
(grades 9-12)
A heartbreaking documentary tackling issues of emotional and physically abusive families, LGBT identity, youth gun violence and which accepts and values the voices of young people as experts on this case.

Collaborative Cinema Image

Watch current and past Collaborative Cinema films—all written, directed, crewed and edited by Milwaukee filmmakers.


Watch current and past Collaborative Cinema films—all written, directed, crewed and edited by Milwaukee filmmakers. To see all films produced by Collaborative Cinema, visit our Vimeo channel.


A traveling showman uses his camera to steal the world’s most prized possessions: other people’s souls.



2011 Collaborative Cinema film

Screenwriter: Celia Carrol

Director: Karen Erbach

Cinematographer: Tate Bunker


Audience Choice Award: Green Bay Film Festival 2012 



A light-hearted, urban fable about a homeless man's attempt to connect to the busy world around him.



2010 Collaborative Cinema film

Screenwriter: Alexis Daubner

Director: Aaron Greer

Cinematographer: Mike Gillis


Best Wisconsin Film, Beloit International Film Festival 2012
Audience Choice Award: Best Short, Central Wisconsin Film Festival 2011 



Documentary of the Milwaukee Film's Collaborative Cinema program in 2010, created by doc|UWM (Click here to see the long version).





Eric, institutionalized as a boy, spends his life searching for harmony.



2009 Collaborative Cinema film

Screenwriter: Natalie Mullins

Director: Jason Satterfield

Cinematographer: Jimmy Sammarco




In a room full of strangers, people come and they go... while a young woman waits.



2008 Collaborative Cinema film

Screenwriter: Emily Downes

Director: Tate Bunker

Cinematographer: Carlo Besasie


Audience Choice Award, The Milwaukee Show 2008