2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12

Tolkien & Lewis | Behind the Pearl Earrings

Director: Maryann Lazarski

Film Summary

Cream City Cinema | 1:53 | 2015 | USA | | View Website

TOLKIEN & LEWIS: At Oxford University in 1931, a historic debate took place between two literary legends, The Lord of the Rings’ J.R.R. Tolkien and The Chronicles of Narnia’s C.S. Lewis, regarding myth, inspiration, and truth. It was a debate so powerful it converted former atheist Lewis to Christianity. Varied scholars and experts help color in this momentous meeting of the minds. BEHIND THE PEARL EARRINGS: A riveting MPTV production regarding Milwaukee native Dickey Chapelle, a female war journalist who always told the story her own way. Clad in an Australian bush hat, distinctive eyeglasses and inimitable pearl earrings, Chapelle was unafraid to stick out, paving the way for female correspondents who followed in her footsteps.

Director Maryann Lazarski
Executive Producer
Producer Jeff Janca, Maryann Lazarski, Darin Malkowski
Screenwriter Maryann Lazarski

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