2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12
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They Call Me Jeeg (Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot)

Director: Gabriele Mainetti

Film Summary

Cinema Hooligante | 1:58 | 2015 | Italy | Italian with English subtitles | View Website

The perfect respite from Hollywood's formulaic entries into the superhero genre, Italy's They Call Me Jeeg is a gritty delight. Enzo is a slobby, low-level criminal subsisting on yogurt and pornography, but when a heist gone wrong finds him stuck underwater with a drum of toxic waste, he's delighted to find himself superpowered instead of simply dying. At the urging of his deceased partner-in-crime's naive daughter (whose affinity for a Japanese anime series gives this film its name), Enzo begins to rediscover his humanity, just in time to tussle with a psychotic local crime lord with dual aspirations of fame and destruction.

Director Gabriele Mainetti
Cast Stefano Ambrogi, Luca Marinelli, Ilenia Pastorelli, Claudio Santamaria
Executive Producer Jacopo Saraceni
Producer Gabriele Mainetti
Screenwriter Nicola Guaglianone, Menotti
Cinematographer Michele D'Attanasio
Editor Andrea Maguolo