2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12


Grey Sheep

Director: Damien Blue

Film Summary

Cream City Cinema | 0:17 | 2016 | USA | | View Website

When a high school baseball player is hospitalized after a nasty prank, the gang responsible decides to stay quiet about the debacle and go on with daily life, unscathed. This solution doesn't sit well with the paranoid newcomer of the group. Several eerie experiences shortly following the accident prompt the newbie to spill the beans, but the alpha male in the gang is willing to curb all rationale to prevent him from doing so.

Director Damien Blue
Cast Felix Torrez, Reginald Kellum, Chris Wolfe, Eddie Curran
Executive Producer
Producer Damien Blue, Jordan Larson
Screenwriter Jordan Hiltz, Jordan Larson, Emannuil Morari