2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12


Ragani – ‘Peace Prayer (Seeing All...

Director: Ragani

Film Summary

Cream City Cinema | 0:05 | 2017 | USA | English/Sanskrit with English subtitles | View Website

From the heartland of Milwaukee, this music video is part of a bigger Peace Prayer project launch intended to urgently awaken peace inside and out for all the world. As Ragani sings the ancient universal Sanskrit peace prayer—calling out for peace, wellbeing, and prosperity for all beings—the female hip hop dancers lead us through scenes of brutality and violence, inviting us to awaken to our greater peace as one collective humanity. The rapper delivers the powerful message of seeing all the world as divine, of waking up and touching all the world with love.

Director Ragani
Cast Ragani, Mr. Logek, Hip Hop Dancers
Executive Producer
Producer Ragani
Screenwriter Ragani