2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12


Joe Quinto & Miguel Diaz –...

Director: Emmanuil Morari

Film Summary

Cream City Cinema | 0:03 | 2016 | USA | English | View Website

A dive into the metaphorical universe of a harmful relationship. We experience a colorful underworld where the domain of a black magic queen has her victims entranced by her "voodoo." Be it physically harmful, her victims cannot help but come back for more.

Director Emmanuil Morari
Cast Joe Quinto, Miguel Diaz, Olivia Gonzales, Benjamin Allen, Matt Miller, Isaiah Gencuski, Abdul Catagena, Jared Goodson, Jose Luevano, Joe Albert
Executive Producer
Producer Jordan Hiltz, Jordan Larson, Emmanuil Morari