2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12
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Last Call Lenny

Director: Julien Lasseur

Film Summary

Shorter Is Better | 0:12 | 2016 | USA | | View Website

Lenny Upton combines euthanasia with his used furniture business to provide suicide assistance to melancholy customers with a death wish. Armed with a briefcase full of weapons and an eye for antiques, he custom designs a personalized death experience for his one-time clients. All sales are final in this short film that takes a darkly comedic evaluation of the value of life and used furniture.

Director Julien Lasseur
Cast Thomas Silcott, Brian Groh
Executive Producer Julien Lasseur, Adam Silvestri
Producer Jamie Thalman
Screenwriter Brian Groh
Cinematographer Christopher Hamilton
Editor Julien Lasseur, Jamie Thalman

This film is part of Shorts: Surprise, Surprise! .

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