2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12

We Are

Director: Joshua Shelov, Jay Bulger

Film Summary

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The film chronicles Penn State's path from the 2011 scandal to the design of their new campus statue. Sculptor Jonathan Cramer drew inspiration for its creation from the 1948 PSU football team that overcame racial adversity with the mantra 'We Are Penn State.'

Director Joshua Shelov, Jay Bulger
Cast Morgan Delaware, Jonathan Cramer, Wally Triplett, Lou Prato, Michael Weinreb
Executive Producer David Chamberlin, Maura Mandt
Producer Rebecca Gitlitz, David Chamberlin, Maura Mandt
Screenwriter Joshua Shelov
Cinematographer Anthony Behn, Brian Harnick
Editor Christopher McGlynn, Tony DiLorenzo

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