2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12
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Director: Coralie Fargeat

Film Summary

Shorter Is Better | 0:22 | 2015 | France | | View Website

In a near future, the brain chip 'Reality+' acts on your sensory perceptions and allows you to see yourself with the perfect physique you've always dreamed of. All the people equipped with the chip can see your new appearance and you can see theirs. But the chip can be activated only for 12 hours a day...

Director Coralie Fargeat
Cast Vincent Colombe, Venessa Hessler, Aurelien Muller, Aurelia Poirier, Samuel Trepanier
Executive Producer Didier Hoarau
Producer Jerome Lateur
Screenwriter Coralie Fargeat
Cinematographer Philip Lozano
Editor Charlotte Rambauville

This film is part of Shorts: Out of This World .

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