2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12
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Fabrizio’s Initiation (El inicio de...

Director: Mariano Biasin

Film Summary

Shorter Is Better | 0:17 | 2015 | Argentina | | View Website

14-year-old Fabrizio is feverishly looking forward to the first time with his girlfriend Nadia. But where’s it supposed to happen? The place should be romantic and above all private! Fabrizio comes up with an inspired plan with his friends. Together they acquire an old car and turn it into a clandestine little love nest.

Director Mariano Biasin
Cast Lucas Aranda, Renata Villanueva, Marcio Mansilla, Jonathan Gómez, María Ucedo, Esteban Fiocca, Jonathan Zárate, Gonzalo Suárez, Ceferino Blanco
Executive Producer
Producer Juan Martín Treffinger, Juan Pablo Miller, Diego Amson
Screenwriter Mariano Biasin
Cinematographer Sebastián Gallo
Editor Leandro Mark