Shorter is Better: Stickers!

posted by MKE Film on September 18, 2015

Working for a nonprofit organization that presents a 15-day film festival that is beloved by its community, I’m constantly reminded of what an amazing audience we have. It shows in the enthusiastic support we receive on social media, the smiles on people’s faces as they get their first program book, and in the ticket sales that grow year after year. When visiting filmmakers attend our festival, they’re surprised by the palpable buzz in each theater’s lobby, that something so exciting could be happening here, in Milwaukee. And I’m always proud to tell them about the amazing support we receive from our movie-loving community! So, this year, I came up with a small way to say thank you to those that support the Milwaukee Film Festival – and specifically those that love the Shorter Is Better programs just as much as I do!

Everyone who attends a Shorter Is Better screening this year will receive a sticker, for free. A free sticker!

Seven incredibly talented local artists designed eight stickers, each based on one short film from a different 2015 Shorter Is Better program. The final designs are what you see in the above image and the only way to collect them all is to attend all eight Shorter Is Better programs!

A huge thanks to the artists who participated in this project – Dwellephant, Logan Herte, Francesca Narvaez, Timothy Olson, Kristopher (Kpolly) Pollard, Timothy J. Reynolds,  and Stacey Williams-Ng!

See you at the festival!