2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12

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Pecking Order

Director: Slavko Martinov

Film Summary

Documentary Festival Favorites | 1:28 | 2017 | New Zealand | | View Website

For nearly a century and a half, members of the Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club have gathered in New Zealand to compete to determine whose prized chickens will be crowned the cock of the walk at the National Show, powering past whispers of fowl play. A quirky yet affectionate look at those who have become clucking obsessed, Pecking Order plays like a Christopher Guest film come to life, filled with colorful characters and their fine-feathered friends, a true "chick flick" that the whole family can enjoy.

Director Slavko Martinov
Executive Producer
Producer David Brechin-Smith, Mike Kelland, Slavko Martinov
Screenwriter Slavko Martinov
Cinematographer Mike Kelland
Editor Mike Kelland

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