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🚀🌑👨‍🚀 Apollo 11 - "an immersive, awe-inspiring achievement" now screening at the Oriental Theatre! 👨‍🚀🌑🚀



1 Hr. 41 Min.
Not Rated
Screening format: DCP

Narrowly escaping occupied Paris, Georg (Franz Rogowski, Happy End) hunkers down in Marseilles, waiting for an escape to Mexico, only to find himself embroiled in a strange love triangle. Christian Petzold's (Barbara, Phoenix) queasily beguiling quasi-contemporary adaptation of Anna Seghers 1944 story of refugees trapped in a Kafka-esque blizzard of bureaucracy is cleverly set in a place outside of time, creating a masterful sense of unease. Transit provides a stark reminder via this story of immigrants stripped of their humanity as fascists encroach from all sides that time is a flat circle.

"Anyone who appreciates cinema...will get a rush from the way Petzold constantly shifts the ground underneath our feet."
- The AV Club
"It’s a stunning work whose surprises work right to the closing credits..."
"...[a] startling, gut-wrenching gamble..."
- Variety

Members-Only Screening: Top Secret

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2230 North Farwell Avenue
on Milwaukee's East Side

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