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Popular Session - Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers


1 Hr. 8 Min.
Not Rated

Screening format: DCP

Shorts program! Live music from Amanda Huff!

In the early decades of cinema, some of the most innovative and celebrated filmmakers in America were women. This crucial chapter of film history comes alive through the presentation of a wide assortment of films, carefully curated, meticulously restored in 2K and 4K from archival sources.

Purple Mask (USA |1917 | DCP | Director: Grace Cunard)
A Daughter of “the Law” (USA | 1921 | DCP | Director: Grace Cunard)
That Ice Ticket (USA | 1922 | DCP | Director: Angela Murray Gibson)
Algie the Miner
(USA | 1912 | DCP | Director: Alice Guy-Blache´)
Mabel’s Blunder
(USA | 1914 | DCP | Director: Mabel Normand)

Members-Only Screening: Top Secret

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