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Milwaukee Film is horrified and heartbroken over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. We know that the entire Kenosha community – including the neighbors who witnessed this horrible act, the family members who are concerned for their loved one, and particularly Mr. Blake’s children – is hurting unimaginably right now. We encourage our supporters, if they are able, to contribute to funds that will deliver urgent assistance to Mr. Blake’s family and to those seeking justice:

The trauma these children and this community are experiencing will remain long after the national spotlight shifts away from Kenosha. Last year, Milwaukee County declared racism a public health crisis, and the Kenosha County Board has led efforts to do the same. It’s abundantly clear that the racism permeating all of our institutions – the police, our government, and Milwaukee Film, to name a few – must be actively dismantled. If we don’t continue this work, it will only beget more trauma. While our hearts ache wearily for Kenosha, Jacob Blake, and his family, our eyes look to the work we must continue to do to be part of ending the cycle of trauma caused by the crisis of racism.

Posted by: Karina Henderson