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Every month, we present Staff Picks at the Oriental Theatre - crazy classics, obscure delights, and cinematic masterpieces curated by the incredible Milwaukee Film and Oriental Theatre staff! Before each film screens, we're having a brief chat with each staff member about their selection. Next up in this series? Our incredible Black Lens Community Programming and Education Coordinator, Donte, telling you why you should check out Medicine for Melancholy!





What's your name?

Donte McFadden


What's your job title at Milwaukee Film? What does that entail?

Black Lens Community Programming and Education Coordinator--I am responsible for film, public programming, and education programming tied to Black Lens.


What's your favorite place to sit in a movie theater?

Left of Center.


What's your favorite theater snack?

Dark chocolate.


What movie did you pick?

Medicine for Melancholy




When did you first see said movie?

Fall 2007 - during the final installment of the Milwaukee International Film Festival.


In ten words or less, tell us why we HAVE to see this movie!

This film is an introduction to the genius that is Barry Jenkins.


Okay - expand on that - why did you make this your staff pick? 

While Barry Jenkins is receiving much-deserved praise for Moonlight and If Beale Street Could Talk, this debut film of his does not receive nearly as much attention as it deserves. It deals with gentrification head-on, and it centralizes two Black characters trying to make sense of how to navigate through predominantly White spaces. The most fascinating aspect of this film is that it captures the aftermath of a one-night stand.



Any parting words you'd like to impart?

The screening is on my birthday weekend! Come help me celebrate!

Extra special thanks to Donte for taking the time to participate! See Medicine for Melancholy Saturday, November 16 - 1 PM at the Oriental Theatre. TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

Posted by: Tom Fuchs