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(Editor’s note: Since December/January is a time for everyone to make year-end best-of lists, we asked our staff to do the same. First up is Milwaukee Film's Senior Director of Development Partnerships and Strategy (aka the SDodPaS) Sebastian Mei with his top ten movies of 2018!)  



Sebastian's Top Ten of 2018!
(In no particular order!)



(dir. Spike Lee | USA | 2018)

- A brilliant and unusual combination of historical, intense, funny and horrifying



Free Solo
(dirs. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin | USA | 2018) 

- Incredible cinematography and an amazing portrayal of human accomplishment (with a side of personality disorder)



Eighth Grade
(dir. Bo Burnham | USA | 2018)

- Awkward and lovable in all the right ways



Boy Erased
(dir. Joel Edgerton | USA | 2018)

- A painful, but ultimately uplifting, tale about a young, gay man and his conservative, religious family



Black Panther
(dir. Ryan Coogler | USA | 2018)

- Awesome



Game Night
(dirs. John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein | USA | 2018)

- There should be a "horroromedy" genre. Action, comedy, violence, gore!



Juliet, Naked
(dir. Jesse Peretz | USA/UK | 2018)

- Fun, silly and far-fetched romcom



Isle of Dogs
(dir. Wes Anderson | USA | 2018)

- Wes Anderson + puppies = magic



(dir. Paul Dano | USA | 2018)

- A beautifully shot, time-capsule of life in the 1960s with a chronically driftless husband, a resentful wife and their kind, earnest teenager caught in the middle.  



Pet Names
(dir. Carol Brandt | USA | 2018)

- A gorgeous, minimalist character drama set in Wisconsin



Thanks, Sebastian! Stay tuned for more top ten lists over the next two months!

Posted by: Tom Fuchs