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With over 350 film titles to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the incredible films coming your way at the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival! Add to that the logistical challenge of selecting all of the showtimes you want to fulfill your 6-pack and 10-pack voucher purchases, and you have a recipe for shopping headaches!

In an effort to make your purchasing experience in the coming days as smooth as possible, we've introduced a new feature in 2019: The Festival Itinerary Tool! It's an easy way to browse through the 2019 selections, choose all of the films and showtimes you're interested in, and then add them to your cart. Let's walk you through the process.


1. Browse through our Film & Event Finder ( until you come upon a film you're interested in, at which point you navigate to that individual film's page! (For the purposes of this explainer, we're going with our Opening Night Screening of I Want My MTV.)


2. On every film page, the option exists in the upper right corner to "Add to Itinerary" - go ahead and select that.

3. At that point a pop-up window will ask you to select the particular showtime you're interested in adding to your itinerary - go ahead and select the showtime you're interested in!


4. At this point you'll get a message that the title has successfully been added to your itinerary! You can either go straight from there to view all the titles in your itinerary, return to the movie you were looking at, or go all the way back to the finder and continue hunting down the titles you're interested in!

5. When you select "View Film Festival Itinerary" you'll be brought to a page that lists all of the films you're interested in at #MFF2019 in chronological order. From here, you can add each film to your cart (with whatever ticket quantities and types you're interested in). NOTE: You can remove titles from the itinerary be selecting the black "X" at the far left of each title!



We hope this tool helps our members and customers more easily navigate our festival finder, enabling you to look for more! 


Questions? Concerns? Drop us a line and let us know what you think of this new option!

Posted by: Tom Fuchs