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Greetings, film aficionados. It’s been far too long. Agonizingly long. We wept and wept. Now, those tears of sorrow have become tears of joy. We are gathered here under very special circumstances. Not only are we celebrating the Opening Night of the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival, but we’re turning 10, baby! What better way to celebrate this occasion by opening the festival season with a film with local ties. Milwaukee’s own Cristina Costantini teamed up with Darren Foster to bring us the Sundance Festival Favorite award-winning documentary Science Fair.




The film follows nine extraordinary high-schoolers on a journey to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Now, this isn’t your typical science fair. These remarkable teens go on to create projects that have the potential to impact the world. Costaninti and Foster do an extraordinary job highlighting just how robust and thoughtful the minds of Gen-Zers really are today. You’ll be rooting for each one of these young scientists as they pour their hearts and souls into every last speck of these passion projects. Stay afterwards for a Q&A with co-directors Constantini and Foster!


Directly after the screening is over at the Oriental, feel free to take a stroll down to Good City Brewing for our Opening Night Party. If you went to the screening, save your ticket! It’s your ticket to the party (and one gratis drink). Didn’t get get a chance to see Science Fair? WHAT?! That’s okay. Really. We’re not that fragile. Just make sure you catch some films over the next 15 days, cool? Trust us, you’ll find at least one (maybe eight, maybe forty-three) films that will tickle your fancy out of the 304 we have to offer.


**REMINDER: Your ticket/pass to Science Fair gains you admittance to the Opening Night Party.**

Tonight's screening of Science Fair is ON RUSH - advance tickets are no longer available for purchase.  However, this does not mean the film is sold out.

Milwaukee Film reserves a certain percentage of each screening’s tickets for festival passholders, who are admitted 30 minutes before the show begins.  Because we are uncertain how many passholders will ultimately turn out for a screening, we often have additional ticket inventory available after passholders are seated.  15 minutes prior to the screening’s scheduled start time, any remaining empty seats are released for purchase by patrons waiting in the rush line.

Though there is no guarantee that patrons in the rush line will have the opportunity to purchase tickets, that opportunity does often arise.  Sometimes just the first couple folks in line are admitted, sometimes the whole line gets in. The situation is different for each screening.

Audrey Moore, Marketing Assistant extraordinaire, will be writing the daily festival blogs each day this year. Welcome, Audrey!

Posted by: Tom Fuchs