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This festival season, we kicked things off with Science Fair, directed by Milwaukee’s own Cristina Constantini. Tonight, we complete this Cream City festival extravaganza sandwich (Ice Cream City Sandwich? We'll keep workshopping...) with yet another Milwaukee local’s film. Drew Britton’s Back at the Staircase closes out this festival year. One of the most delightfully tense films we’re screening this year, Back at the Staircase is a chamber piece (meaning the film takes place in one setting). In this film, it’s a cabin in the woods. But, let’s not mistake this for another one of those “cabin in the woods” film, ya know what I mean - less Jason Voorhees, more unresolved familial trauma? Britton’s film brings together five relatives in less than ideal circumstances. The family finds themselves confined in a cabin as they anxiously await for the family matriarch to wake up from a coma. As they wait, these characters are faced with the reality that their emotional walls and defense mechanisms may not be able to save them from this cabin fever or their family.


Back at the Staircase - Trailer from Back at the Staircase on Vimeo.

Britton brings together an ensemble of tremendous talents and deliverance for this well-crafted film. Be sure to not only make it to the screening (Seriously, everyone. You gotta check out the talent that’s just oozing out of this city.), but stay afterwards for a Q&A with the director, cast and crew of this film that I’m sure will leave a lasting impression.


And with that, we want to thank every last person who has made it out the festival this year. For the 10th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival, we wanted to bring you something truly deserving of being recognized as a world renowned film festival. Everyone who has attended, sponsored, volunteered, and worked this festival season put a little bit of their heart and soul into it to make it something truly spectacular.  



Once again, a huge thank you to Marketing Assistant Extraordinaire Audrey Moore for writing all of this year's festival blogs.  You're the real MVP, Audrey.

Posted by: Tom Fuchs