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Every month, a bunch of new films and shows are uploaded to streaming services for you to binge watch until your eyes pop. But how to sort through such an overwhelming list? Much like Fantine in Les Misérables, we here at Milwaukee Film have streamed a stream in times gone by. Here's what's coming your way this July!



Bunny and the Bull

(July 1 via Hulu • Dir. Paul King • 2009)


I stan a King - before Paul King won all of our hearts in perpetuity with his work on Paddington and Paddington 2: Texas Blood Money, he made this thriifty and darkly comic indie with comedy stalwarts Richard Ayoade, Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher all popping by to do some work. It's visually extravagant, and helps explain how he shifted so effortlessly into making it rain marmalade.

– Tom, Communications and Social Media Manager

Rain Man

(July 1 via Netflix • Dir. Barry Levinson • 1988)



Ok, so I haven't actually ever seen this film. But, MAN, that soundtrack was in regular rotation for ALLLL of 1989 (and maybe 1990) throughout Seattle until it was replced by Nirvana. I'm being told I should catch up on the visuals -- something about toothpicks? -- so here's my (and your) chance for nostalgia about a pre-Scientology Tom Cruise.

- Cara, Education Director & Milwaukee Film Festival Director



Drop Dead Gorgeous

(July 5 via Hulu • Dir. Michael Patrick Jann • 1999)

The movie is Fargo meets the Miss America pageant. An all-star cast of leading ladies (Kirsten Dunst, Ellin Barkin, Allison Janney, Denise Richards, Kirstie Alley, Amy Adams, I mean - check, check and check!), this mockumentary-style film combines a small-town beauty pageant with a murder mystery. Apparently everyone hated this movie when it came out, but I'm here to tell you that they were all wrong, because it's hilarious and it RULES.

- Rachel, Development Manager


Road House

(July 1 via Netflix • Dir. Rowdy Harrington • 1989)


As a native Missourian I can tell you this is a fair representation of our state. Also the director's first name is "Rowdy" - come on! And if you want a good drinking game while watching Road House... drink every time Swayze's fighting moves look suspiciously like ballet, and every time his pants are unbuttoned for no real reason. Enjoy!

– Kristopher, Membership Manager



(July 27 via HBO Now • Dir. Stgeve McQueen • 2018)




- Tom, again

Drop Dead Gorgeous

(July 5 via Hulu • Dir. Michael Patrick Jann • 1999)


I'm pretty mad that Rachel beat me to the punch in picking Drop Dead Gorgeous. And she better watch her back because this movie has some ideas on how to deal with this type of thing. (COMPLETELY KIDDING I LOVE YOU RACHEL AND I'M NOT CREATING A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT).

– Karina, Marketing Director


BONUS NOTE FROM RACHEL: It's ok, Karina - we can both like this! SHARING IS CARING. Sincerely, Rachel

Disney's Mary Poppins Returns

(July 9 via Netflix • Dir. Rob Marshall •  2018)

I just recently read a bit of backstory on P.L. Travers, author of the eight Mary Poppins books, and her less than lukewarm reaction to the original Disney adaptation (her protagonist was too plucky, and she disapproved of both the animation sequences and the music). I'm curious to read about the adventures of Mary Poppins through her own words--my impression so far is that Travers' Poppins is a rather severe yet mystical, animal-loving Pagan (love it). I'm so curious to see how the latest Mary Poppins might reflect more of what Travers envisioned. But there's animation in this one, too, so who knows if she would have approved.

- Marielle, Education Manager

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

(July 1 via HBO Now • Dirs. Nick Park, Steve Box  • 2005)


Listen, if I am watching this movie 1-3x weekly (it, alongside Ponyo and Frozen, is my daughter's favorite), then you have to too. As a special value add, it's good as hell.

BONUS THOUGHT: Park and Box are the best verb/noun director tandem. Discuss.

- Tom, again again

Under the Silver Lake

(July 1 via Amazon Prime  • Dir. David Robert Mitchell • 2018)



-Justin, Guest and Alumni Relations Manager



(July 31 via Amazon Prime • Dir. Iain Softley • 1995)



The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

(July 1 via Hulu • Dir. Julian Schnabel • 2007)

Based on the life of Elle editor Jean-Domonique Bauby and his book that goes by the same name, this film is all about the beautly of life itself. This film is not only down-to-earth and thought-provoking, but it's also a very beautiful film to watch play out on screen. Being critically acclaimed as one of the best films of the decade, it's one that you do not want to miss!

By the Sea

(July 1 via HBO Now • Dir. Angelina Jolie • 2015)

This film is like a breath of Italian coastal air - a vanity project by a female director and her hottest-man-in-the-world (then-) husband about a depressed, sedated women married to a writer with a drinking problem. It does get sexy, but it's mostly ennui by the ocean, but through a female lens.
Dana, Grants & Special Projects Coordinator


(July 3 via Amazon Prime • Dir. Mike Leigh • 2019)

Peterloo/Didn't See You Theatrically/Though I Wanted To
Peterloo/Finally I'll get to see/Peterloo

- Tom, again again again

Posted by: Tom Fuchs