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When the Oriental Theatre opened in July 1927, a revolution in cinema was fully underway.

The technology to add synchronized soundtracks to film had hit a milestone the year before with the release of “Don Juan,” the first major motion picture to premiere with a full synchronized soundtrack. Months after the Oriental Theatre opened its doors, “The Jazz Singer” added dialogue and ambient sound to its synced track, and the trajectory of sound and film was permanently altered.

Among our many goals, Milwaukee Film seeks to show that the range of what’s possible in film is incredibly extensive. Though “talkies” still dominate, performances of live scores are more than a throwback – they’re a different way to experience the art of cinema.

In the next few weeks, we have three shows that do just that, while also bringing together incredible visual and musical talents.



Friday, Aug. 16: “Street” with Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore, from the legendary group Sonic Youth, will be at our cinema to play his soundtrack to everyday existence. We’re quite simply thrilled about this partnership with the Milwaukee Art Museum, where the work of James Nares, the creator of “Street,” has been on exhibit all summer. Nares’ rich visuals of people going through their everyday lives in New York City will float on a bed of live 12-string guitar music composed and performed live by Moore.
Tickets: $30 / $25 for Milwaukee Film Members and MAM members (with code)



Saturday, Sept. 21: “Precession of a Day: The World of Mary Nohl” with Marielle Allschwang and the Visitations

We have a special spot in our hearts for this one. Not only does it feature the weird and wonderful work of art that is Fox Point’s Mary Nohl House, but it’s also a project driven by our own education manager Marielle Allschwang. This project reflects four years of work by Allschwang for research, composing and filmmaking to create a piece that invokes the spirit of a Wisconsin art icon. The film and performance themselves serve as a work of art that must be experienced live.
Tickets: $25 / $20 for Milwaukee Film Members



Friday, Oct. 11: “Deep Red” with Goblin

More than a decade before “Child’s Play,” this Dario Argento thriller sent the image of an evil doll straight to your nightmares. Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin will make the on-screen horror flick more powerful and more immersive by playing live their classic score to the 1975 film. Halloween’s coming to MKE 20 days early, and it’s not something to miss.
Tickets: $30 / $25 for Milwaukee Film Members

Posted by: Karina Henderson