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IT CAN NOW BE KNOWN - all throughout the year, we’ll be celebrating the cinematic year of 1999 through our Party Like It's 1999 Film Series, sponsored by 88Nine Radio Milwaukee! It's a year that many have said can be counted among the best years in cinema history (take that 1939 and 2007), with a Murderers' Row lineup of releases that blew audiences away. In fact, two of the first four films we announced were released on the same day lo those twenty years ago.  Each evening will come replete with special 90's playlists playing ahead of each screening, along with a special flashback concessions snack available at all screenings: BABY BOTTLE POPS!



Stay tuned throughout the year as we reveal the entire lineup, but let's get you acquainted with the first four entries we have coming your way in 2019, starting with this Saturday night's screening:


The Matrix (dirs. Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski | USA | 1999)
Saturday, January 26 @ 11:20 PM - TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW
RELEASE DATE: 3/31/1999
Box Office: $171,479,930 (#5 film of 1999!)


"Whoa." There's really no better word to sum up the Wachowskis delightful sci-fi bouillabaisse - one part cutting edge special effects, two parts pop philosophical treatise, with a healthy dose of wuxia and gunplay. It is truly live action anime in a way that films have struggled to replicate ever since. (Note that my desire to serve yogurt cups with no utensils as "There Is No Spoon Special" was rejected.)


The Iron Giant (dir. Brad Bird | USA | 1999)
Sunday, February 17 @ 10:30 AM - TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW
RELEASE DATE: 7/31/1999
NUMBER ONE SONG UPON RELEASE: Christina Aguilera - "Genie in a Bottle"
Box Office: $23,159,305 (#78 film of 1999!)

Though unfairly lost in the shuffle (and when I say lost, I more mean 'near-negiligent handling of the film's release by its studio') back in 1999, the twenty intervening years have only served to bolster The Iron Giant's reputation as one of the finest animated movies ever made. Brad Bird's story of a boy and his best friend - who just so happens to be a giant robot from outer space -  has simple aims that nonetheless resonate profoundly. Bring your kleenex, filmgoers.


Rushmore (dir. Wes Anderson | USA | 1999)
Sunday, March 24 @ 3 PM - TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW
RELEASE DATE: 2/19/1999
NUMBER ONE SONG UPON RELEASE: Monica - "Angel of Mine"
Box Office: $17,105,219 (#92 film of 1999!)

There was no sophomore slump for Wes Anderson when he followed up Bottle Rocket with this incredible coming of age picture - a movie that only served to assert Anderson as having one of the most distinct visions in modern cinema. Plus, it introduced the world to Jason Schwartzman, a gift for which we should all be thankful. BONUS NOTE: This screening will be in glorious 35mm!


10 Things I Hate About You (dir. Gil Junger | USA | 1999)
Sunday, April 28 @ 3 PM - TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW
RELEASE DATE: 3/31/1999
Box Office: $38,178,166 (#53 film of 1999!)

Wrapping up our first wave of announcements is this delightful modern (well, modern as of 20 years ago) take on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, a teen romcom with an incredible cast (Julia Stiles, Heather Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Krumholtz, ALLISON JANNEY). Plus, the film has a terminally 90's soundtrack, with multiple appearances from Letters to Cleo, which at the very least promises this screening is Ben Wyatt approved:


BONUS BONUS NOTE: This screening is also going to be in glorious 35mm!


Huge thanks to 88Nine Radio Milwaukee for sponsoring this film series, and we'll see you at the movies!



Posted by: Tom Fuchs