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Every year, after our daily Education Screenings, we ask the attending students to write an essay about the films they saw, and select a winner and runner-up. Posted below are the unedited winning and runner-up essays from our 1st-3rd Grade students. Check back tomorrow for our 4th-6th grade-level winners!

WINNER 4th-6th: Michael



In the movie, Mary and the Witches Flower a girl named Mary helps others in many ways. She did things like save her friend Peter from being transformed forever. She also helped the animals turn back to normal. Before she went to the witch school she delivered the jam to Peter for her grandma. I have helped people as well in the real world. Of course not in the same way as the movie (because that is not possible) but in other ways. Out of all the ways I have helped before the one I chose is the one I do most often. I will be telling you about how I helped the younger students at my school.

I help the younger students every Wednesday in the gym, at lunch time. Sometimes they don’t know how or just need help with certain things. Therefore I am there to help them. I need to open their sauce packets or their milk. I won’t lie, at times I struggle opening the sauce packets as well. So it isn’t that hard to believe they can’t open it themselves. I am also there to help them get their milk either if they forgot to grab one or can’t reach one. I also help set up games for them at recess.

This is a time I have helped the younger students at my school. In the movie, Mary and the Witches Flower Mary helps others. She helped save Peter from the evil teachers, helped the two cats Tib and Gib find each other, turned the “failures” back into animals, and many other heroic things. It can feel good to help another person. If people helped more the world would be a better place. Have you ever helped somebody?

- by Michael

RUNNER-UP 4th-6th: Aleena


When I Helped Someone
By Aleena


When you help someone you feel good, and you understand what they are feeling. Just like Mary helped Peter in Mary and the Witch’s Flower. One time I helped a girl in my school. Have you ever helped someone? In this essay I will tell you about the time I helped a girl in my school.


To begin with, her name is Maiah she was new to the school when I met her. So I decided to show her the ropes around the school. But when I was helping her, sometimes I didn’t do it right just like when Mary tired to help her Aunt Charlotte.


Secondly, I would help Maiah in the classroom by showing her how to sign into the Chrome book, or helping her with some math or reading problems. Additionally, she was new so she didn’t have any friends. I would play with her at recess or talk to her at lunch time because I didn’t want her to be lonely or feel unwanted. This reminds me of when Mary gave the jam to Peter, and it made her feel happy.


In conclusion, now it’s the middle of the school year and she knows what to do. I felt happy about what I did and I’m sure she was happy too. Mary felt happy that she helped Peter, and Peter was happy she helped him. If you ever see someone that is feeling lonely or unwanted, ask him or her what’s wrong. When you help someone you feel good.


Aleena, celebrating her winning essay!

Congratulations, Michael and Aleena!

Milwaukee Film’s Education Screenings are presented by Brewers Community Foundation, Inc. and the Herzfeld Foundation, with additional support from Greater Milwaukee Foundation / Carl and Lora Otjen Family Fund, and the Gene & Ruth Posner Foundation, Inc. 


Posted by: Tom Fuchs