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Every year, after our daily Education Screenings, we ask the attending students to write an essay about the films they saw, and select a winner and runner-up. Posted below are the unedited winning and runner-up essays from our 1st-3rd Grade students. Check back tomorrow for our 4th-6th grade-level winners!

WINNER 1st-3rd: Zakiya

Zakiyah with our Education Director, Cara!


My favorite film was The Fruits of Clouds. There were eight bears and the bears thought the fruit was from the sky. But it was really coming from a big field that had a lot of fruit. Those bears talked so, so crazy, that I laughed so much until my stomach hurt.

Before I thought the bears were not scared, but they were scared. The woods were black and dark and scary. But it turned out not that scary. But one of the bears the littlest one was brave enough to go out in the dark woods. It is scary.

Every day when they get out of their little burrows six enormous balls of fruit fall down. Next the bears eat all of them up and finish them. The littlest bear went to the forest and he found out that the fruit was from the big field. Then the littlest bear made a trail with the fruit, and the other bears follow the fruit.

Let me tell you what they look like. They have fur, eyes, and hands. I like the film so much I want to be in it.

I think this film is the Best.

By Zakiya

Congrats, Zakiya!


RUNNER-UP 1st-3rd: Oscar


We went to the Milwaukee Film Festival. My favorite film was Blue Cherry. I liked the pet because it bounced up and down. I felt so many different feelings. Happy sad and scared. I felt happy because they helped the old man. And I felt scared because I thought that the skaters were gonna get hurt because they did that jump. I felt sad because the old man got stuck in the rain. They helped the old man. They were brave because they did that jump. It was a fun film I like the Milwaukee film festival.

By Oscar





Oscar with our Education Manager, Marielle!



Congratulations, Zakiya and Oscar!

Milwaukee Film’s Education Screenings are presented by Brewers Community Foundation, Inc. and the Herzfeld Foundation, with additional support from Greater Milwaukee Foundation / Carl and Lora Otjen Family Fund, and the Gene & Ruth Posner Foundation, Inc. 


Posted by: Tom Fuchs