2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12


Director: Fritz Lang

Film Summary

Spotlight Presentations | 2:28 | 1927 | Germany | Silent with Live Accompaniment | View Website

Alloy Orchestra returns to the Milwaukee Film Festival, inspired by the Milwaukee Art Museum’s upcoming “Haunted Screens” exhibit, to provide their inimitable brand of musical accompaniment to Fritz Lang’s sci-fi opus Metropolis. A stunning tale of working-class rebellion, mad scientists, and sexy lady robots whose influence has never waned, Metropolis is the urtext of sci-fi cinema. And there is simply no other experience that matches up to seeing a classic silent film with live music in the Oriental Theatre’s main house. Whether this is your first experience or not, there’s no doubt this one-night-only event will be unforgettable!

Director Fritz Lang
Cast Alfred Abel, Brigette Helm, Gustav Fröhlich, Rudolph Klein-Rogge
Executive Producer
Producer Erich Pommer
Screenwriter Thea von Harbou, Fritz Lang
Cinematographer Karl Freund, Günther Rittau

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Heiser Lincoln

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