2017 Milwaukee Film Festival 9/28 - 10/12
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Kaili Blues (Lubian yecai)

Director: Bi Gan

Film Summary

Competition | 1:53 | 2015 | China | Mandarin/Kaili with English subtitles | View Website

A breathtaking work of pure poetry both confounding and sublime, the multiple award-winning Kaili Blues will prove to be a tonic for fans of contemplative art house cinema. The elusive narrative follows rural doctor Chen as he sets off on a train journey in search of his abandoned nephew, an opportunity for absolution from his criminal past. Along the way he comes across a ghost-like town that provides the film with its showstopping backbone: a 40-minute unbroken shot that travels through a place that appears to exist outside of time and memory, as Chen experiences the past, present, and future bleeding together in an act of pure formal audacity.

Director Bi Gan
Cast Chen Yongzhong, Luo Feiyang, Xie Lixun, Zeng Shuai, Zhao Daqing
Executive Producer Edward Ding, Shen Yang
Producer Li Zhaoyu, Shan Zoulong, Wang Zijian
Screenwriter Bi Gan
Cinematographer Wang Tianxing
Editor Qin Yanan

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