2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 12


I Am Another You

Director: Nanfu Wang

Film Summary

Documentary Festival Favorites | 1:22 | 2017 | USA | | View Website

As documentarian Nanfu Wang (Hooligan Sparrow, MFF2016) travels across the United States, she comes across a genuinely romantic spirit in Dylan, a young drifter whose homelessness is a choice to forgo the comforts of his previous life to instead pursue "true freedom." Initially inspired by Dylan's rugged outlook, Nanfu comes to see cracks behind his vagabond facade, visiting his family and discovering that the reasons behind his societal retreat extend beyond mere platitudes in this fascinating, multifaceted look at the limits of freedom.

Director Nanfu Wang
Cast Dylan Olsen, John Olsen
Executive Producer
Producer Lori Cheatle, Michael Shade, Nanfu Wang
Screenwriter Nanfu Wang
Cinematographer Michael Shade, Nanfu Wang
Editor Nanfu Wang

Community Partners

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