Day Trips to the Oriental Theatre


Our Fall 2023 Education Screenings have come to a close.

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About our Education Screenings:

Through Milwaukee Film's education screenings program, local students take a day trip to the Oriental Theatre. The students experience a historic cinema, view a high-quality film, and join other students from the community to engage in thought-provoking, curriculum-based activities and discussions. We also provide participating teachers with curriculum packets that indicate the Common Core State Standards our screenings and activities meet.

Previous screenings have included the documentaries T-Rex, The Blood is at the Doorstep, and Supergirl, and, on occasion, we've been able to bring in a film professional or guest to supplement the screening and subsequent discussion.

In the past, our education screenings have been limited to festival season, but with Milwaukee Film operating the Oriental Theatre year-round, we have expanded this program to serve students throughout the academic year. 

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“My students get to experience the world as their classroom. Getting to attend a screening at the historic Oriental Theatre is an awe-inspiring experience for most of my kids. Secondly, the ability to engage with complex audio-visual text in documentary format, complete authentic and meaningful curriculum around that text strengthens their literacy and media literacy skills in a way that other classroom based experiences do not. Finally, for my students to be able to attend the screening with nearly 1,000 other high school students from the area and engage in the talk back process is invaluable. They are learning from each other and teaching each other. It is so powerful and positive!” -Educator

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Fast Facts: Education Screenings

Who is eligible for Education Screenings?

Milwaukee Film’s Education Screenings are open to grade bands 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th for schools in the Greater Milwaukee area. 

How much do Education Screenings cost?

Tickets are only $1 per student, and, for MPS schools, Milwaukee Film will pay for buses.

When and where are the screenings?

All Education Screenings start promptly at 10 a.m. at the Oriental Theatre on Milwaukee's East Side.

Do Education Screenings take place only during the Milwaukee Film Festival?

In the past, our Education Screenings program has been limited to festival season, but beginning with the 2018–2019 academic year, Milwaukee Film began to operate the Oriental Theatre year-round, allowing us to expand our Education Screenings program to serve even more students in a given year. Now we offer Education Screenings on a semesterly basis, with some special screenings interspersed during the festival and year-round. Education Screenings may be encore screenings of festival films or new selections. They’ll still come with curriculum packets and be high-quality, educationally engaging films. 


Will year-round Education Screenings be identical to festival season offerings?

Education Screenings may be encore screenings of festival films or new selections. They’ll still come with curriculum packets and be high-quality, educationally engaging films!

Some of the screening dates are wait-listed. Does that mean I should no longer sign up?

As we receive reservations for screening dates, we will indicate which screenings are wait-list only below. Please do not hesitate to sign up to be on our wait-list as it will become active as student numbers become more solid and as groups adjust their reservations!  When films are confirmed and as screening dates approach, you'll be asked to confirm your reservation size. 

When are the next Education Screenings, and which dates serve which grade bands?


• Wednesday, Oct. 12

• Thursday, Oct. 13


• Wednesday, Oct. 26

• Thursday, Oct. 27


• Wednesday, Oct. 19

• Thursday, Oct. 20


• Wednesday, September 21: One-time Education Screening of Joanne Williams' THE EXCHANGE: IN WHITE AMERICA. KAUKAUNA AND KING 50 YEARS LATER

• Wednesday, November 9

• Thursday, November 10

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Can we access curriculum packets after the screenings?

Yes! We have an archive of all of our Education Screenings curriculum packets to date here. Feel free to adapt these for use in your learning environments as you see fit. NOTE: An updated archive is also in the works, but in the meantime, contact us at with any questions regarding specific curricula/curriculum access.