The Rehearsal

Director: Alison Maclean

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  • Saturday October 7
    Oriental Theatre Screen 2 12:30 pm

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  • Wednesday October 11
    Oriental Theatre Screen 2 6:00 pm

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Adapted from Booker Prize-winning author Eleanor Catton's novel, The Rehearsal takes us behind the scenes deep into the process of a college theater class as first-year student Stanley struggles to get himself in the good graces of his pathologically driven teacher. Eventually he happens upon the perfect source material for their end-of-year performance, but performing it could cost him a blossoming romance as well as his standing in the theater department in this engrossing drama that provides genuine insight into the art of performance.

Director Alison Maclean

Cast Kieran Charnock, Scotty Cotter, Ella Edward, Alice Englert, Kerry Fox, Michelle NY, James Rolleston, Marlon Williams

Producer Trevor Haysom, Bridget Ikin

Screenwriter Alison Maclean, Emily Perkins

Cinematographer Andrew Commis

Editor John Woodford-Robinson

Community Partners

Joseph Skow Casting

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