Jim White & Paul Fonfara – ‘The Saga Of The Whittled Hodag’

Director: Kara Mulrooney

If only they had music videos in the 19th century! This fantastical sung story tells of a whittled Hodag that came to life when "The Thief" snatches him from his creator. Written and performed by Jim White (Thief) and Paul Fonfara (Carnival Barker), the song and visuals are inspired by the life and work of Wisconsin visionary artist Levi Fisher Ames and the tall tales he would sing with his family band about the hundreds of real and mythic creatures he would carve out of wood. One of those specimens was the Hodag, a creature of Wisconsin folklore thought to have originated in Rhinelander, Wi.

Director Kara Mulrooney

Cast Jim White, Paul Fonfara, Claire Campbell, Elaine Fraser, Mike Rosetto, Chris Hepola, Eric Struve

Producer Maddy Power

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